Scene 22 – She Shares Steaks On Sanibel

by johnepete

                                           She Shares Steaks On Sanibel



 Su removes the clothes from the dryer and folds the last of them.


” Good to meet you. We’ll be on the beach at sunset, maybe we’ll see you there or somewhere,” Su says.


” Nice meeting you too, oh the sunsets here are beautiful aren’t they? Have fun!” Faye replies.


” Gorgeous. We will, thank you. Bye!”


Faye and Su wave goodbye to one another as Su steps out of the small laundry room carrying a laundry basket between the cottages to the patio deck of her cottage.


Placing the basket on a chair she sees the brick John left on the table and instantly realizes he is back. Su smiles.


Looking through the gaps in the blinds she sees him sitting on the couch with a cup of coffee in his hand with his head back and eyes closed. ” My baby.”


Not wanting to alarm him she tries to quietly open the door. The door makes a metal to metal scratching and creaking sound.


John opens his eyes and sees light come in from the opening door and feels warm air slowly rolling into the room.


” Hey Baby!” he says.


” Did you find one?”


” No not this time. I looked high and low though. You?”


” No, I came in for a while then went to the pool for a while.”


” Just coming back from the pool now?”


” No, laundry.”


” Laundry? Already?”


” It was just a small load.”


John starts smirking out loud. Su smiles.


” What is that about.”


” You ever hear the joke about ” Small load of laundry?”


” Yes, brat and you don’t need to be doing laundry by hand. I do it for you.”


John smiles, ” yes you do and no I don’t.”


Su leans over and kisses him, then rubs her boobs on his face.


” You’re so sexy when you lean over the couch and kiss me like that.”


Su leans over and kisses him again.


Running her fingers through his hair then slowly starting to rub his shoulders. ” Honey, you know you’re the best.”


” What do you want?”


Su steps back, places her hand on her chest and acts surprised in a playful way. ” Who me? What would ever make you think such a thing?”


John laughs, ” what’s up?”


I’m getting hungry and I know you’re tired, but I need you to cut those steaks and get the grill going.”


” Yeah, no problem. Did you see my Heavy?” he asks.


” You’re what?


” My knives, kitchen knives.”


” Which one?”


” The chef knife.”


” All the kitchen stuff is in the green bag on the counter.”


John gets up, walks over to the green bag sitting on the back counter and finds the knife he is looking for.


Pulling it out and admiring it, ” now that’s a good, affordable knife. I just wish they’d put a wood handle on it.”


” Why’s that?”


” Easier to clean and I like the weight of wood, makes it easier to control.”


Su looks at him kind of strange, ” Oo K.”


” Oh don’t give me that, you know you like certain paring knives better than others.”


” Yes, I guess you’re right. But I don’t think about it like that.”


” You know how men are about their tools.”


” Just cut the steaks.”


John salutes to Su with the knife in hand.


” I, I Captain”


” Better be careful.”


John looks and sees how close the blade is to his eyes, ” Yeah, that wouldn’t be good.”


” No, you already complain about the scars you already have, you don’t want another.”


” No, that I don’t. I already look like I’ve been sewn up the field.”


” Stop it, no you don’t.”


John rubs the five scars on his face, ” love is blind.”


” Sometimes I do, but most of the time I don’t even see them, only when you turn a certain way.”


Knowing he is self-conscious about the way he looks after the surgery, Su walks up to him hugging him. ” I know who you really are inside and no matter what you feel you look like, you are a beautiful man.”


John hugs Su staring off into space.


” I so pretty,” he chuckles.


” No, you’re not pretty, you are a good looking man. My man.”


” All yours baby.”


” Promise?”


” Promise.”


They hug one another.


” Ok, steaks,” John says.


” Cut them a little thicker tonite,” she tells him.


” Two inches?”


” No that’s too big.”


” I think you’re supposed to cut a T-Bone two inches thick.”


” Yeah well, how about one and a half?”


” Coming right up. Where’s the cutting board?”


” I saw one under the counter where the pans are, under the sink,” she says.


John looks around under the sink finding a medium size plastic-like material cutting board, washes it, dries it off and places it on the counter. ” You want me to cut up the rest too?”


” Yeah might as well,” she says.


” I’ve heard it’s better to cut them as you need them.”


” The kids are coming and they’re gonna need room for their stuff. I told them to bring their own food because we are short on cash after spending it all on the cottage and everything.”


” How is cutting up the steaks gonna make room?”


” We can stack them up and down instead of laying it down.”


” Yeah, ok I got ya. Bags?”


” Blue bag,” she says.


John turns around to the three colored bags and digs through the blue bag finding the large freezer bags.


” Color coordinated, huh?”


” Most of it, some of it is just thrown in there.”


John pulls out and opens several of the bags, removes the long slab of meat from the refrigerator and slices two large steaks from it.


” How many dinners you want? After these two we might get seven more this size.”


” I wanted to have steaks with the kids too,” she says.


” Well, that’s four plus two.”


” The kids can share one, the little kids.”


” Ok, that’s one dinner for all of us and then two extra.”


” Does that count the two you already cut?”


” No and speaking of, let me season these for the grill,” he says.


“ I’ll do that while you’re cutting and getting the grill ready.”


John nods.


Su places the steaks on two separate plates, adds John’s seasoning and a special sauce to hers and seasons his steak with John’s seasoning and olive oil.


” Alright, so two more for us, then five for the steak dinner get together. Three dinners.”


” Three dinners! That’s it?” she exclaims.


” Yeh.”


” Can we cut them thinner?”


” We can but it’ll be like eating steak at a cheap restaurant or steak sandwich style steaks.”


” God, we spent so much money on those steaks, I thought they would last us the whole trip. I counted in The Bubble Room too.”


” Well, we can cut these in half and the last two in half and get two more meals for two.”


” No, how about we leave these two, then cut up the rest evenly and try to get the most good steaks as possible,” she suggests.


” Yeah, we can do that.”


John measures each steak off at one inch minimum thickness and cuts ten steaks.


” Well, we have ten steaks. Five for the family steak dinner, two for two nights and one extra,” he says.


“They’re going to be here for five days and four nights.”


“That’ll leave us one of two nights we’ll have to figure something out for us when they leave, but one of those nights we eat steak baby!.”


” No, we leave on the tenth day,” she says.


” Well that settles that then huh?”


” Such a horrible life.”


They laugh together.


” Yes, steak or more steak,” he says.


” No, we spent a lot of money on the dinner at the Bubble Room, we still have to go shopping and I want to get the kids some things. So it might be meat loaf or homemade subs when we get home.”


” Yeah I forgot about that,” he says.


” How could you forget about that?”


” I got caught up in being on Sanibel, I forgot about how much money we don’t have. Ok, so how’s that grill coming?”


Su starts laughing.


” You didn’t start the grill, huh?”


” I was talking to you and seasoning the steaks, how could I have?”


” Oh I thought you were gonna do it while I cut the steaks, I had my nose down making sure I didn’t lop my finger off.”


” No, didn’t get around to it,” she answers.


John packages the steaks and stacks them in the refrigerator and washes his hands.


He grabs the pen and pad of paper Su uses to keep track of her online canasta games and draws a circle then writes “2 It” in the circle and hands it to her.


” What’s this?” she asks.


” You said you didn’t get a round to it.”


” Yes?”


” Well now you have one.”


Su looks at John in disbelief shaking her head, holding the paper in her hand. John starts laughing.


” Oh that’s good, but you are such a brat.”


John laughs heartily as Su comes around the counter punching him in the shoulder several times.


” Uh!” Su says.


” Beat me baby, oh!” John says playfully.


” You’re such a pig.”


John makes a squealing noise like a pig


” You sound just like a pig when you do that.”


” Pretty good huh?”


” Yes. Now let’s get the grill going before we miss the sunset!” she says.


” How are we gonna miss the sunset, it’s right there?”


“ You know I like being on the beach watching it go into the water.”


” Ahem, yep alright. Think we got enough time?”


” It’ll be close.”


John goes outside, cleans the grill, wets the area down and lights the charcoal.


In the next cottage over, the new neighbors are watching.


John reaches between the posts grabbing his bottle that he has been leaving on the patio, takes a swig and stares out at the beach, shifting his attention to and from the fire of the grill to the beach and the sun. Being mindful of any floating embers, yet still soaking in the beauty of the beach in front of him.


Inside, Su is preparing a salad with lettuce, tomatoes and radishes and a green bean dish she makes with green beans, bacon and fried onions.


Lucky is sitting on his blanket looking straight at Su as she throws him a green bean cutting from time to time.

Copyright ©  2013  by  John  Edward  Petersen