Scene 26 – Su’s Awakening

by johnepete

Su’s Awakening



Su screams, ” Bwah wha hhah, Oh no, no, no!”


John quickly opens his eyes and raises his head looking around and sees Lucky on the couch beside him. Lucky is looking over his butt at the porch door.


John quickly looks over at the door and sees Su jumping and running in place flailing her arms like she has things crawling all over her.


John stands up real quick with the flowers still in his hand and quickly moves to Su’s side, putting the hand he is carrying the flowers in on her shoulder.


She jumps and screams, ” Aaa! What is that!?”


John looks at Su with a concerned look on his face.


He looks all around Su’s body as she stomps her feet and rubs her arms like she is trying to get something off of her. ” Where’s it at?” he asks.


” Outside, it’s out there by the door,” she says.


” What is?”


” I don’t know, it has green glowy eyes and was looking at me,” she says in fright as she grabs the local shops directory, rolls it up and slowly peeks out the door.


Raising the rolled up magazine she screams, ” Aaaa!”


John reaches out and grabs her arm.


” Baby … don’t hurt it!”


Su looks at him like he’s crazy.


” Get rid of it. Please get rid of it,” she says, almost in tears.


John pauses for a moment.


” Get rid of it!” she yells in anger.


A little scared, John puts his hand out, ” Ok, ok. I’m going. Don’t hurt it.”


” What?” Su asks.


” I’m goin’. Here I go,” he says.


John changes places with her at the door, she steps back and cringes.


Slowly opening the door, not knowing what to expect, he knows it could be anything. Maybe her experience is different than mine.


John slowly cracks open the door and sees it’s still dark outside, he looks a little further around and sees the chairs blocking the entrance to the deck and still sees nothing. He looks a little further towards the shower and doesn’t see anything. Looking further around the door, he sees the corner of the cottage.


” Where?” he asks.


” On the door. Eww.”


John looks at the door and sees it too. He quickly pulls his head and body in the door and closes it.


” Stay here,” he says, looking quickly to the front door.


” What! Why?” Su asks with wide eyes.


” I’m gonna go out there.”


” No, no, don’t leave me in here,” she says, grabbing his arm.


” Come on then, I’m gonna sneak up on it by going around from the other door.”


” Noo, I don’t want to be near it,” she says.


” Well we have to see what it is. It might be important.”


“ What?!” Su says looking at him strangely.


John shakes his head, ” Never mind, you comin’?”


” Ye’es,” she says.


John leads the way out the kitchen door with Su hanging on to his shirt. They slowly creep around the corner of the cottage to the deck. Slowly working their way behind the chairs, John sees the two green glowing eyes and what looks like a longer glowing nose.


Hunched down, John stares at it.


” What is that?” he whispers.


Su looks over John’s shoulder and goes after it with the rolled up magazine. “Nothing I want around here,” she says.


Su runs up to it real quick with little steps and hits it with the magazine and it falls to the ground. John gets a good look at it before it runs between the boards of the patio deck and disappears under the cottage.


” Oh my god!” Su yells.


” Not quite baby, it’s a bug.”


” With green glowing eyes!?” Su asks.


” Yes, a bug with green glowing eyes,” he says, standing up erect.


” It looked like an alien or something,” she says.


” No, its blood is flourescent, that’s what makes its eyes glow green like that.”


” Ew hoo hoo. That’s so weird,” she says standing on the doormat.


” I suspect we’re going to run into a lot of weird things around here.”


” Well that one I can do without,” she says, looking around for it.


John takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly, nodding his head. He quickly debates whether he should tell her now, but decides not to due to the state of mind she’s in. He follows her as she opens the door and quickly steps off the welcome mat into the cottage, hopping through the door and starts walking towards the bedroom.


Lucky stares over the couch cushions with his head resting on top of one, his eyes shifting back and forth between Su, then John, then back to Su, then back to John.


John leans over to Lucky and whispers in his ear, ” she doesn’t know yet, I haven’t had the nerve to tell her. You knew though, didn’t ya?” Lucky wags his tail and licks John on the chin.


John rubs Lucky’s head and decides not to tell her just yet.


Su comes out of the bedroom and goes straight into the bathroom. John walks over to the bathroom door and lightly taps on it.


” Baby?” he calls through the door.


” Just a minute,” she says.


John walks into the kitchen and sees Su has made coffee. ” Guess she wants to watch the sunrise,” he says to Lucky.


John pours himself a cup of coffee and fixes it with 1 sugar and 1 creamer and sips on it standing in the kitchen at the counter.


Su comes out of the bathroom and sits down at the counter and opens the computer. ” Their internet connection here sucks,” she says.


John looks over the edge of his coffee cup at her as he sips on his coffee, then lowers his cup.


” Baby …” John says trying to get her attention.


” Huhm?…” Su says, as she quickly taps on the keyboard.


” Ahem, how do you make my coffee when you make it for me?”


” One and a half sugars and one and a half creams, why?”


” Your coffee is so much better than mine. Um — I don’t think we’re gonna get the internet here,” he says.


” I’m beginning to think that myself, they really ought to fix that. I realize we are on vacation, but come on, we are on vacation.”


John adds another half teaspoon of sugar and another half teaspoon of creamer to his coffee, stirs it and sips on it. ” Mmm, yeah that’s good. Thank you … Um — how easy was it for you to tell me your secret recipe…..?”


” You’re welcome. Oh, I knew you would figure it out eventually. What I really do is stir it with my finger,” she says smiling and twirling her finger in the air.


John smiles and takes a sip of his coffee and looks up at the ceiling. “So, uh — has anything unusual happened to you since we were here?”


Su looks up at John staring blankly at him for a minute, ” No, not really. That bug!” she says, as she shudders.


John waits.


” And those two guys at the store,” she says.


John sips from his coffee and waits again.


” The internet connection,” she says.


John nods.


” I’m having problems with the phones,” she says, shaking her head no.


” I mean something really weird?”


“ I don’t know, why. Like what?” she says, as she continues tapping on her keyboard trying to get an internet connection.


” I don’t know, have you seen ghosts or?” John asks shyly.


Su looks up over her computer.


” Noo. What’s wrong with you, why are you asking me all these questions?”


” Just wondering.”


John wonders how he is going to get her to realize without freaking her out too bad.


Looking out the blinds John sees dawn is coming very slowly and goes into the bathroom.


Su looks up from her computer looking out the window to check to see how long she has until its daylight and is almost blinded by the light coming through the shades as she opens them.


” My God!” she says, with her eyes squinted.


John steps out of the bathroom, ” Yeh, something like that.”


” What?” Su asks, not understanding his statement.


” I’ve got something I wanna show you,” he says.


” You found one!” she asks trying to contain her excitement.


” Something better, depending on how you look at it,” he says.


” OoK. What?” she says, shifting her eyes, looking around but not her head.


” Come on,” he says.


” Where are we going?”


” Down to the dunes.”


” What’s in the dunes?”


” You’ll see, it’s a surprise, kinda sorta.”


” Kind of sort of?”


” Yeah, come on, I don’t really know how to explain it. I have to show you,” he says.


” You, don’t know how to explain something? This has got to be good,” she says sarcastically.


” Ohh, it’s an eye opener, that’s for sure.”


John guides her through the path towards the flower.


” Remember how you were asking about if I saw something weird?” she asks.


” Yeah?” replies John as he leads her to the flower and stands in front of it listening to her.


” Well, just a few minutes ago when we were inside I looked out the window and thought the sun was just rising and when I looked out, the sun was shining as if it had been there for hours.”


John nods.


” Isn’t that weird to you?” she asks.


John looks down at the flower, ” not so much anymore.”


Su looks at him strange.


” Pick that flower,” he says.


Su looks at the flower and smiles, “ That’s one of those Beach Sunflowers you gave me, I love those.”


Su reaches down and picks it and looks at it adoringly. ” So pretty.”


” Pick it again,” he says.


” Wha?” she mouths, but doesn’t say it aloud. She bends over and picks the flower.


” Thank you baby,” she says, smelling it.


” Pick it again,” John says.


Su gives John a hard look.


” What is this about?”


” Pick, it, again,” John says.


John makes it obvious that there’s something wrong by the tone in his voice, his body movements and tilting his head.


” What! I have enough … John don’t do this. I don’t want to hurt my back.”


John breathes deep and lets out a loud breath as he kneels down near the flower. Su looks down at him.


” It’s not going to hurt either,” he states.


” It will if I keep bending over picking flowers like that.”


Su tilts her head looking at the flower, scrunches her forehead and realizes something seems just a little out of place.


John looks up at her and sees she is beginning to make a connection. He rubs her leg. ” Now watch,” he says.


John picks the flower and hands it to her and she takes it from him. John picks it again and he hands it to her and she sees what he is talking about and slowly takes the flower from him. John picks the flower again and she drops all her flowers.


” Oh my God, how do you do that?” Su asks.


As he picks a flower, she sees the stem quickly produces another flower. He tries to hand them to her but she won’t take them.


” How are you doing that?”


” So you do see it?” he says, almost relieved.


” Yes, how are you doing that?”


” I’m not,” he says.


Su looks at him in amazement. ” How?”


” You’re not getting it,” he says, kind of frowning now.


” Getting what?”


John bows his head in frustration, stands up, knocks the sand off his hands and walks to the edge of the water staring out.


Still confused, Su follows him but keeps her distance.


John balls his fists up with his back to her and lets out a loud moaning scream. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Show her! … Come on … Show her!”


Su watches him and becomes worried, ” show me what baby?”


John looks out at the water and nothing happens, ” Show her! Come back … Come back!….”


Su takes a step forward wanting to hug him to comfort him but is afraid to get so close as to aggravate him further.


John turns to her and drops to his knees staring at the sand. Picking the sand up in his hands and throwing it back on the beach he looks up at her. She sees a great sorrow on his face, a look she has never seen him have, then looks over him, out over the water and sees a dolphin coming close to shore.


As the dolphin comes closer, she is torn between watching it or comforting John.


She looks down at John and kneels to comfort him placing her hand on his shoulder. ” Baby, look … There’s a dolphin behind you…..” she says in a calming voice.


John’s face changes from sorrow to happiness as the dolphin quickly glides up behind him.


Su watches the dolphin swiftly come ashore and is surprised. Suddenly a hand is on hers, it’s not John’s hand, it’s a woman’s hand.


Su quickly draws her hand away and the woman’s hand rests on John’s shoulder as he bows his head.


Su looks up and sees the woman. Stumbling to stand up and backing away, Su falls to the sand pushing franticly to put distance between them. ” Can’t be,” Su says, staring hard at the woman.


Su’s eyes well up with tears as she stares at her and looks for telltale signs.


” Who are you? This isn’t funny,” Su asks.


” No it is not, Su. I am your mother,” Miriam says.


Su gets angry, ” My mother passed away years ago.”


” I removed my breathing tubes,” Miriam says.


” Quit it! How do you know that?” Su says angrily, while staring at her with tears streaming down her face.


” Just as John had help to come to know, I am here to help you come to know.”


” What!?” Su asks.


Miriam removes her hand from John’s shoulder and steps around him kneeling down in front of Su, taking her hand. Su jerks a little but let’s the woman hold her hand.


” Suzi Anna Weez,” Miriam says.


” How do you know that?” Su asks, looking up at her.


” Suzi Anna Weez. Because I gave it to you,” Miriam says lovingly.


” Is this a dream?” Su asks.


” No child.”


” Have I gone crazy?”


” If you have, John has gone crazy with you. No, neither of you are crazy.”


Miriam smiles at John and reaches her hand out to him. He holds her hand briefly, then releases it. John smiles back at her, then at Su.


” Do you know now?” Miriam asks Su.


Su looks down sobbing, ” No, yes, not really?”


” You’ve passed on. You’ve died honey and this is your heaven,” Miriam says.


Su sobs harder as her mother holds her and caresses her for several minutes.


” It can’t be. The kids are coming … There’s sand.” She picks up sand and lets it fall to the ground.


” And, and shells.” She picks up shells and throws them.


” And the water.” Su stands up and points to the water.


” There’s salt water! — If this is true, I can run out there, fly over the water and swim with the dolphins … And if it’s not, I am crazy and I will drown!” Su says, pointing and yelling out to the Gulf.


Miriam nods her head and Su runs into the water swimming. John gets up to run after her and Miriam places a hand on his shoulder stopping him.


” She needs to do this,” Miriam says.


” What? Drown?!”


” You already know that won’t happen.”


” What if I’m the one that’s crazy?” he questions.


” You are fine and she will be too,” Miriam says to comfort him.


John watches as Su swims further out and goes under water. John lurches forward and Miriam’s grip holds him back.


” Watch,” Miriam says.


Within moments, Su comes flying out of the water like she was shot from a cannon and glides for a long time over top of the water. She shoots up into the sky, looks around and dives towards a pack of dolphins where she plays with them crying and laughing while every emotion in her soul sweeps through her. She struggles to get a grip on them. She is laughing and crying maniacally.


She caresses the dolphins and jumps in and out of the water with them, then follows them as they travel further out into the emerald waters out of John’s sight.


” Do you think she’ll come back?” he asks.


” That is for her to decide,” Miriam says.


” What should I do?”


Miriam looks at him, ” This is your heaven too, I will explain this to both of you.”


John looks at Miriam, feeling as if she is holding back information that she will divulge later and somehow knows Su will return.


” Give her time. Explore and try to get acquainted with your new life. It is a grand one and remember, you can do anything you want so long as you do no harm”.


” Anything we want so long as we do no harm. Anything?” he asks.


” Anything. So long as it does no harm. I will return when it is time to explain more.”


Miriam walks to the edge of the water and down the beach where she meets a tall dark man in a skimpy white bathing suit. Handing him something, the man kneels and Miriam walks into the water and disappears.


” Man, this better not be some kind of freaked out dream,” John says to himself.


John looks around, sits on the beach and watches the water and beach for Su to return.


Hours pass and John starts going back and forth to the cottage taking Lucky with him. Lucky stays by his side unleashed all day waiting for Su to return. John hopes that if he doesn’t see her coming from the beach that she will come up from behind and lay her head on his shoulder. “ I will wait here forever for you,” he says aloud, hoping his words will travel and find her.




Copyright ©  2013  by  John  Edward  Petersen