Scene 27 – Waitin’ On Su

by johnepete

Waitin’ On Su


Sitting on the beach, John and Lucky watch the sunset.


As the sun sets behind dark layers of clouds and sweeping rain, the dark Gulf waters churn and crash ashore. The wind howls loudly as the darkness sweeps across the beach out into the water.


John wearily makes his way back to the cottage one more time hoping with everything in him Su will be there waiting for him.


” You see her buddy?” John asks Lucky as they approach the cottage. Lucky lays on the porch while John goes inside leaving the door open.


John looks over at Lucky’s bowls. Both the food and water bowl are empty. ” Don’t reckon you need those anymore,” he says under his breath.


John slaps his hands together and paces around in the cottage not knowing what to do. He stops and looks at Su’s multicolored flower overnight bag. Looking at it makes him sick knowing she is gone.


He lays face down on the bed smelling the sheets for her scent which only make him feel worse.


Sitting up on the edge of the bed he hears a slopping noise in the next room.


Excited at the thought Su may have returned, he runs out the bedroom door and sees Lucky drinking water from his bowl.


” It’s your heaven too.”


Lucky looks back at John and keeps drinking.


John watches Lucky drink from the bowl that doesn’t seem to need refilling. Lucky is filling his own bowl somehow.


” A real bottomless mug.”


John begins to wonder how Lucky is doing that and keeps watching him when Lucky suddenly runs outside and begins barking towards the dunes.


John runs out hoping to see Su, but instead he sees Lucky biting at the howling tunnel of wind the same way he bites at the waves. John tilts his head watching and wondering what Lucky is doing. ” What you doin’ man?”


Lucky looks back at John, sits down and paws towards the wind.


” What?” John asks, as he watches Lucky bite at the wind making his flews flap around exposing Lucky’s gums and teeth.


John sticks his fingers in his own mouth and feels around. In amazement he runs into the bathroom, looks into the mirror and looks at his own teeth. ” Holy shit! I got all my teeth back.” Looking in the mirror he smiles to see a sight he hasn’t seen in decades. ” Every one of them. Oh, Su is going to love this.”


John leans on the sink bowing his head and starts to cry. ” Su … Su baby … If you can hear me, please come back. I need to see you … I need to know … know what to do. This isn’t heaven without you.”


Standing there quite some time he hears Lucky bark. He runs outside to where Lucky is. Lucky is still is interested in something near the dunes.


” What is it buddy?” John asks him.


Lucky paws up to the wind. John watches and sees something slowly emerge in the wind. As the sand blows into the wind’s path, John can see figures. They are bending over and reaching out to Lucky as if handing him a treat.


John sees the figure of a woman leaning over with her hand out. Lucky bites at the sandy hand. Another set of figures, a man and woman walk by as a couple and wave.


John steps to Lucky’s side as the outline of an Indian appears and offers Lucky something.


John reaches his own hand out to grab whatever it is the Indian is trying to offer him. When their hands meet, John is sucked into the wind and is now a figure himself, outlined by the sand in the wind.


John looks down and around as his body starts to feel very light like the wind and he begins to become like the sand blowing in the wind, flowing with it in a human sand cloud form.


John looks at his own ghostly figure. His hands flow and try to become part of the sand that is blowing in the wind, then they return to their normal form.


He can see through his body. Only the outline of wind and sand wrapping around his physical energy is visible.


” Oh this is weird … You wanna try it Luck?….” he says.


Lucky is hesitant, then stands up on all fours walking into the wind and sand wall appearing ghost like as sand wraps around his energy also.


In their new form John pets Lucky. Just as Lucky’s fur sheds when he was petted outside the winds and wall, the sand sheds from him when John pets him, flowing in a stream as the sand separates into smaller granules making their way further and further away.


” You ok buddy?”


Lucky sits and paws up.


John pats around his own body as if patting for treats in his pockets trying to figure out how to give him a treat. Turning to the Indian, the Indian hands John something. John looks at it not sure of what it is and the Indian points to Lucky, then places his hand to his own mouth making the eating sign.


John gives the object to Lucky and Lucky eats it.


Turning back to the Indian he sees him pointing down the beach. John looks but doesn’t see anything.


” Come on buddy,” John says to Lucky.


Stepping out of the blowing wind and sand with him, he and Lucky no longer have the appearance of sand ghosts, they are as if you would see them in real life.


John puts his fingers in his mouth and can feel all his teeth. ” Ok, that was cool. I like that. Next time we ride the wind.”


Lucky barks, wagging his tail.


” Now let’s see what he was pointing at,” John says looking around.


Lucky sits and paws up, ” Rwaw rwaw.”


” I got none buddy, I think that’s what he was trying to tell us. Maybe there are treats for you over there somewhere.”


” Rwaw rwaw,” Lucky sounds out again.


” Sorry buddy, I got none, come on let’s go see.”


John runs his hand across Lucky’s nape looking around in the dark in the direction the Indian pointed to.


There’s got to be a better way, it’s way too dark out here to see anything.


John thinks as he stares out at the water. As he thinks, the sun begins to rise and the morning sun shines bright white on the surface of the water.


John sits on the beach watching the white clouds as they begin to fill the sky. The sun becomes more intense as time passes.


Lucky paws up again, ” Rwaw rwaw.”


John looks away from the brightness of the sun on the water over to Lucky, ” I’m lookin’ bud.”


” Rwaw rwaw.”


John reaches out and holds Lucky’s paw, staring at him, trying to figure how to find what the Indian was pointing at.


” I’m tryin’ buddy, I really am,” John says trying to comfort him.


John feels a presence behind him blocking the sun and wonders. Afraid to move he waits.


He feels something touch him and holds still. Su lays her head on his shoulder near his neck.


John starts crying as Su embraces him from behind.


” Hi baby,” she says.


Lucky wags his tail thumping the sand. ” Rwaw rwaww errrrr,” he howls happily.


Su looks at Lucky, smiling and reaching out to him giving him a treat. Lucky licks her face over the other side of John’s shoulder, wiggling his butt from wagging hard.


Lucky tries licking the tears from John’s face.


” I thought you were gone forever,” John sobs.


” I know, I’m sorry,” Su says, feeling bad.


” Why did it take you so long?” John asks sniffling.


“ I had to come to terms with it.”


” Are you going to stay?” he asks.


Su squeezes John and kisses him on his neck, ” Yes baby, I’m going to stay.”


” Really!?” John says excited.


John turns around and looks at her, she is more beautiful than he has ever seen her. More relaxed and content. She looks comfortable, with no pain from kneeling down.


” Yes,” she says, looking at him in his eyes.


John pulls her to him and cries as they embrace. Tears well up in her eyes and stream down her face.


Lucky tries to lick them from her face.


” Oh Lucky … I missed you so much!” she says, as she rubs Lucky’s face and playfully pinches his lip. Lucky playfully wraps his mouth around her hand.


” No bites,” she says.


Lucky sits and paws up wagging his tail.


” Good boy!” Su says.


” Where did you go?” John asks.


” Where did you go? Su asks.


” What? I’ve been here the whole time,” John asks looking at her strangely.


” After I swam with the dolphins, I went and found guess?”


” Guess?” John asks.


” Guess who I found?”


” Your mother?”


Lucky barks.


” Yes, but that’s not what I’m talking about,” she says.


” The person who created backgammon?”


” No silly … But maybe we can track them down too … No, look,” she says smiling.


Su points down the beach. John looks and sees her mother with a large chocolate Labrador walking towards them along the shoreline.


” Is that … Bosco?…..”


” Yes. I went and got Bosco so Lucky would have a friend.”


John stares and gets choked up.


” What’s the matter?” Su asks.


” I was so afraid I’d never see you again. I didn’t know if you wanted to be with me or what,” he says.


” I contemplated what I wanted to do. It didn’t take long after I got over the shock of all this, that I knew I wanted to be with you. But I did come back and you weren’t here. I wondered the same thing about you,” she tells him.


” I’ve been here the whole time. Except…..”


” Except when?”


” Except when I was in the wind. (shakes head) Um I mean when Lucky and I were in the wind.”


” Over there, where you called the wind tunnel?” Su asks.


” Yeah why?”


Su gives him a strange look. ” That explains it.”


” What?”


” I thought I saw something over there, like a ghost or something.”


John looks up at Su. Su looks back at him.


Lucky runs to meet Bosco and they immediately start running around playing with one another.


Su’s mother walks up to Su and John.


” That is a wall of faith and spirituality,” Miriam says.


Su and John look in the direction where the wind blows in a path along the dunes.


“ It borders the human world and this world. It is much like a transit system and how we stay in contact with the real ‘Ahem’, human life.”


” What?” John asks.


” When people claim they see ghosts in locations such as these, it is because of the energy of that wall of wind as you call it. It is how we show the living that there is life beyond death. It is hope and faith for those who don’t have it or those who need to be reminded of it. It is not only visual but it is an energy that can be felt and heard by the living.”


” Soo, we can communicate with the living?” John asks.


” You are alive, just not as they are. Yes, those who dwell in these realms have been communicating with “the living” so to speak, forever. They call them ghosts or apparitions.” Miriam explains.


” I want to see to Christine and the kids,” Su tells her.


” They have to come here,” Miriam says.


” Dead? Why?” Su asks.


” No, not passed on … You chose this as your heaven, this is your gateway.”


” How can we see them like normal?” Su asks.


” There is a way,” Miriam says.


” How Mom?”


John listens intently.


” Every 29.53 days when the moon and the sun are closest together,” Miriam says.


” Why?”


” Because that is when the sun charges the moon and tidal conditions are appropriate for the sound frequency needed to occur that creates the energy needed for you to pass through,” Miriam explains.


” In English?” John asks, looking at her funny.


Miriam gives John a look.


“ At that time, as the tides are rising to their fullest and receding to their lowest, the shells create a very distinct sound frequency as the water washes over them, a certain ‘noise’ that acts as a key of sorts. The energy you are now, the energy from the shells and the energy from the wind or “The Gateway” will intermingle or come in tune with one another. With the correct amount of energy or tuning, you can visit them, but,”


” Here we go,” John says.


” Stop. But what, Mom?”


” They have to be in tune with you,” Miriam says.


” How?” Su asks.


” They have to be in a state of hope, faith, or love for you,” Miriam says.


” So, sort of like making a wish,” John says.


” That’s one way to look at it. Their energy has to be in tune with yours.”


John’s eyes dash around as Su puts her hands on her knees and looks down.


” How do we do that, how do we get them to tune into us?” Su looks up and asks.


” Stoopers,” John says.


” What?”


” Stoopers! … my stooper.”


” What are you talking about?”


” My stooper … you remember the little charm I have … had, that was shells on a rope?”


” Yeah?”


” Remember how we use to rub them together to remind us and get that feeling we were in Sanibel.”


” Yes.”


” That’s the energy she is talking about, the sound frequency. That’s what made me calm and relaxed, the sound frequency. The shells rubbing together a certain way created a certain sound.”


” He is right honey, that’s why you were seeing me. That’s why John saw things too,” Miriam says.


Su looks at them both like they are crazy.


Miriam continues trying to explain, ” When he rubbed his stooper together, it made a very specific sound that opened the doorway to my heaven for you. Even though he did it so he could relax, he had you on his mind and you had me on your mind when he did so. And when you rubbed them together, you had him on your mind, unintentionally opening doorways for one another.”


” How come it never happened at home,” Su asks.


“ It did and I’ve visited you many times while you slept.”


Su starts crying and hugs her mom.


” What about other times before the stoopers,” John asks.


” You had a gift and didn’t know it.” Miriam tells him.


” I knew it! I knew I wasn’t seeing things!” he says , remembering back to times he thought he saw ghosts.


John points to Su, ” I told you, didn’t I ? I told you I saw things.”


Su nods.


” Wait a minute … Where are they?” He asks looking around nervously.


” Not to worry, they are not here. No harm can be done here.” Miriam says to them.


” Well if they are real, where are they? He asks.


” Not here,” Miriam tells them.


” Wh wha, I don’t understand,” John says.


” When you were, shall we say, in human form, you had a problem with your ears ringing and you heard noises like crickets and ringing, correct?”


” Yes, but I wouldn’t consider that a gift?”


Miriam nods once slowly.


” Ohhh, the sound frequency thing. Why did it only work on them?”


“ Just as I visited Su and Merl and my other children … people visited you, or people in these realms visited you.”


” These realms?” Su asks.


” Yes, there are as many realms as there are people. They all go to their own forms of heavens,” Miriam says.


” Even the bad people?” Su asks.


” Even the bad people, but their heaven would be as you would call it, hell, maybe purgatory, maybe pure darkness, the big sleep, the great big bar or concert in the sky, planet pot, whatever they want. It’s up to them to decide.”


” I don’t remember deciding this was heaven,” John says.


” I always thought of it as heaven but not thee heaven,” Su says.


” At the very moment of your death this is what you chose,” Miriam says.


” I don’t remember that,” Su says.


” Me either. I don’t remember anything.”


” John, your heaven was to be with Su at the time of your death. Su’s intense desire to be here on Sanibel made it her heaven at the time of her death.”


” I don’t get it,” Su says.


” It’s not the thought. It’s the feeling, it’s a very deep emotional feeling, the very essence of your soul. That’s what brought you here. That is why this is your heaven and a wonderful heaven I must admit.”


” How did we die? Su asks.


John suddenly sees another flash of bright light, the same light he saw the night of his awakening.





Copyright ©  2012  by  John  Edward  Petersen