Scene 29 – Carrying On

by johnepete

Carrying On



The sky is evenly overcast, the temperature is cool, the wind is blowing and in the distance, sand and beach mist in the air around them make it hard to see far. After much explaining, Miriam walks them to where a native American Indian looking man is standing, facing the land at the frothy edge of the waves.


” This is Salty Wind. He is a gatekeeper or spiritual taxi cab to and from this heaven. He will appear when another heaven is open to you that you can travel to. When you are ready you may trade with him shells of spirituality and you may travel to others heavens,” Miriam explains.


John opens his hand to Salty Wind and offers his shell to him. Salty Wind puts his palm out, fingers up and shakes his head no.


” That shell cannot be traded, it will stay with you forever,” Miriam tells him.


John closes his hand and reopens it and the shell disappears. He does it again and it reappears. He tries throwing the shell into the water and feels something in his pocket. Reaching in his pocket, he finds his shell.


” Ok?” John says, staring at the shell.


” You will find these shells of spirituality often, much like John found his personal shell and how you are about to receive a shell from me. There are various ways to procure these shells. Some of them may simply be washed ashore. Someone in your heaven may give one to you as a gift, you may be out exploring the Gulf and find them. There are numerous ways to acquire them and they are very special. You can recognize these shells by the feeling they give off when you pick them up or hold them in your hand. You can even see the feeling. It will be as if they are calling to you or singing out to you. A beacon. You will know,” Miriam explains.


” What if I lose my hand,” John asks.


“ John!” Su exclaims.


” No really, I almost lost my hand in the wall of wind, it was like trying to blow away or something,” he tells her earnestly.


Miriam interrupts, ” Not to worry, you were not losing your hand. You were merely transforming to ride the wind as sand. You would have re-emerged whole when you were finished. Just as when you died, you re-emerged here whole.”


” Oh, so I was all messed up huh?” John asks.


” It wasn’t a pleasant sight for the cleanup crew,” Miriam says.


John looks down at his arms and legs and shakes them.


” What are you doing?” Su asks John.


” Just making sure,” he replies.


” Crazy,” Su says.


John holds out two Turkey Wing shells together and starts making a flapping motion with them and his elbows while running around doing a bad imitation of a turkey ” Gobble gobble, gobble gobble.”


Lucky and Bosco follow him.


Miriam giggles and turns to Su, ” It’s been so good spending time with you honey.”


” Don’t go, please?” Su says with a sad look.


” I have to go.”


Su starts crying, “ But I want you to stay.”


” Oh Suzie, you still don’t see. You have much to learn. You are free. I am here for you, I always will be. All you have to do is make it so and I’ll appear. My heart and soul came here to this place for you to show you your way. I’ve done what I’ve come to do, I must go back to my own heaven.”


” But I don’t want you to go. Don’t go. I want to go with you!”


“ You cannot go with me. As I cannot stay here in this form and you cannot stay in my heaven in your form. But we can visit each other in our own heavens and always exist in each others. You will see … Take this…..” Su’s mother says as she reaches inside her chest and pulls out a glowing object. ” This is a piece of my heart and soul, when you are ready, give it to Salty Wind and you may visit me in my heaven.”


The stone glows and pulsates then dims in Miriam’s palms. Reaching out handing it to Su, Su sees it is a Junonia. As Su adores the shell, Miriam turns, approaching Salty Wind, handing him a shell and turns to Su. ” I love you Suzie Anna Weez.”


Miriam walks into the water, slowly submerging herself beneath it as a dolphin. She jumps out of the water displaying her gorgeous porpoise body, leaving her fin above water as she swims away transforming into a light that travels beyond the distance the eye can see.


Su falls to her knees sobbing. John is watching from the dunes and slowly starts walking towards her to comfort her.


Su walks on her knees to Salty Wind offering the Junonia to him. Salty Wind holds his palm out, fingers up.


” You are not ready,” he tells her.


” Please! Yes, yes I am!” Su pleads.


Salty Wind turns and slowly walks into the water chanting, then disappears.


” Nooo!” Su yells with tears in her eyes.


Crying on her knees with the Junonia in her hand, she holds it to her forehead and the stone begins to glow.


She looks at it and sees her mother appear with a faint glowing light around her.


” See, all you need to do is will me here and I’ll be here for you. You don’t even need the shell,” Miriam says, smiling.


Su holds the shell out to her mother, ” Mommy?”


” The shell was but a gift of my visit. You hang on to it, it has healing properties and when you are truly ready, you may use any spiritual shell you find to come visit me in my heaven.”


Su stands up and hugs her mother.


” Walk with me,” Miriam tells her.


Su and Miriam walk down the beach. John slowly follows them from a distance watching them, hoping Su will be ok.


John sees a glowing shell on the beach. He is trying to keep an eye on Su and Miriam, but is overwhelmingly distracted by the shell, it seems to call to him. He picks it up.


Looking up he sees Su and Miriam have gotten quite a ways ahead of him, then sees Miriam’s light disappear and Su kneeling in the sand with her head down.


John bolts to Su, ” Baby?”


Su is smiling at the shell with tears in her eyes. ” I understand now, she is always with me, always. I can call on her and she will appear anytime I want.”


John hugs her gently while she is kneeling down. ” Do you want to be alone?” he asks


” No, I love you and guess what!?” she says.


” Huh?”


Su gets up and starts running , laughing and holding her arms out like she’s about ready to fly and shouts ” Sanibel forever baby!”


Su jumps in the air and flies over the island. John smiles, following her and they fly together like two pelicans in search of a place to nest.


From high above they both see shiny objects reflecting with bright sunlight all over the island and in the turquoise waters surrounding it, that seem to pulsate quickly and randomly.


Su and John look at one another smiling, then dive, racing for the same one at the same time.






Copyright ©  2013  by  John  Edward  Petersen